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Sunday, June 06, 2010 @1:41 AM

its only me and you;
there's never us.

Sunday, May 16, 2010 @3:51 AM

opps, a pause after my last entry. BEWARE: LONG POST!

nothing much happpened. schooling every weekday. all projects starting soon. and i really dislike to group with people i not familiar with. they wont listen to my suggestions, because i will be the minority. its ok with everyone co operate and have no biasness.
non main stream suck big time.

been worrying for my future path. with my lousy gpa, high chance NIE wont want to take me in. i can only hope they will be please with my Os results and maybe interview. i find it stupid to take another diploma (childhood).
i really dun wan to be accountant/auditor for the rest of my life. and with jus a diploma, how high can i climb.
or i just pray for wen jun's Dooxle eshop to earn millions n i can get few thousands. LOL!

alright, most interesting thing: my 20th birthday.
how fast. i thought i jus passed my 18 bird day. lol

this year celebration with bf was going for a picnic n flying kite. that's wad i plan since last year. lol! i plan my bday every year (except the first year when we get tgther).

ben called me and caught me skipping school! sorry for letting u wait at the void deck for nothing. im so touched that he actually wan to surprise me at the void deck when i go to sch. not knowing what time i will be leaving house he reached at 7am! omg.
im so touched, ben.
so i asked him come up my house and we chat abit n i gtg. too bad he cycled here if not i can drive him home. haha! wad worst is that he literally flew out of the bike while im in the car slightly behind him. scared my ass out. -.-!!

then i drove to bf place to prepare food for the picnic. btw, menu is also i plan wan. lol.

things to bring:
lucky that day i got car. save cab fare. and can bring all the soft toys! hohoho. food in the picnic basket, and kite rolled up. ^^

vroom vroom
and we reached. parking is free btw. but im surprised that there's not alot of empty slots.

Marina Barrage! first visit for both of us.

we reached around 2pm?
Lunchtime first. cesar salad with tomatoes, ham-cheese-egg-tomato-sandwich, home cooked mee and lastly fruits(pear and apple)

after lunch, rest awhile and we flew kite.
the kite is so good that not much effort is needed to fly, and i only use 2min to fly 50m high.

can u even see our kite?

its supposed to be this big, bigger then my body.

and its this smalllll...
*click to view bigger

yep! it's that small white-black-red dot!

random 1
the rest of their siblings are in the car. lol.

random 2

we went to rest after flying for a while. the sun is freaking sunny.
and my eyes couldnt open!

ate fruits and we flew kite again.

i think the roller make us look like professional kite-flyer. lol!

blah blah blah. so fast it's 5pm already. and we decided to go off.

packing up!

we visited the gallery.



and we found this bridge thing above the dam. i wonder where it links to?

back to the car. and off we went back to bf house to put things and hurry to amk hub to watch IP MAN2 which i pre booked few days back.

(many people pronounce it as I-P-MAN. it's suppose to pronounce as YIP-MUN. its the canto name. if not why isit for I-P-MAN. wads I.P stands for then? am i wrong?)

photo for the day:

it suppose to be my happiest birthday i guess. but it aint. the next day i gotta fly to penang to visit granny.
we still duno whats the exact reason for leaving us quite suddenly.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010 @5:05 PM

let me show u guys my granny's house at Penang, Malaysia.

the road leading to granny's house:


from the outside:

the unit number:

at the door step:

the living room:

the kitchen:
dishes were covered up by pandan leaves(cut from the trees outside the house) to prevent flies

kitchen showing entrance to the store/bedroom:


counted as a storeroom, but granny will chop chicken there..

last time neighbour's house:
now it's fenced aft the new owner take over.

at night, people came and visit..

too many "light de flies" then uncle use pail of water to attract the flies into the water.

the stream where we used to catch little fishes n shrimp
but nw, it got little water. and could only catch water slug

at night:

we slept in the nearest "hostel".

random houses:


the photo i always remembered:

Tuesday, May 04, 2010 @2:32 AM

this trip back to penang, reminds me of things i had done, roads i had travelled, friends i have played with.

what's change?
the windy road up to the mountain widen;
the 3 fierce dogs which loitered outside the door werent there;
the downstream has less water;
the neighbour next door shifted;
i grew up;
granny is gone.

i cant find any reason to go back now.

not only i will miss granny, i will miss the house with the cement floor/aluminium roof, miss taking short flight or the long bus journey back to the kampong, miss stepping in and out of the store/bedroom, miss throwing rubbish down the hill, miss the pandan trees, banana trees, durain trees.

Rest In Peace, Granny.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @1:50 AM

feel so tired ever since school starts. and even more exhausted in the 2nd week of school.
from worrying how to please and plead timetable organizer, tutors, and then directors and now i've succeeded, im worrying will i pass all? can i do it? will i graduate?

out of the 7 core modules, 6 will be tested in common tests, 6 will be examinable.
out of the 7 core modules, 5 of them have weightage of projects.

how much i wanted to graduate this semester. NIE intake in feb next year, if i flung this i need to wait 1 more year. should i apply for NIE now? wad if i was selected but end up failed?

i think its the first time im giving myself so much stress.
who will understand how am i feeling right now.

Thursday, April 22, 2010 @3:24 AM

first week of school. so far so good.... pleaded the directors and they finally allow me to upload all the remaining modules. its aint as packed as i thought. im having 7 core modules this sem. i hope i can handle the tutorials projects and exams. i must make thru it.

Monday, April 19, 2010 @2:08 AM

bought new lappy.

6cell batt, up to 5hrs, 2.1kg. 13.3" new love!

school starting, yawnsss!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 @12:45 AM

im backk, from a loooonnngggg break.

my granny was admitted to hospital on friday night. when she was still alright the day before, or even the morning before i left house. although granny doesnt live w me since young, neither we talked much. but she's the closest grandparent to me.

i could remember vividly the scene where granny will smile n laugh at me when my mom beats me or scold me. then, i thought "why granny is laughing at me, she supposed to 'save' me. granny dun like me."

and then when i grew up. i laugh together with granny when my mom scolds QQ(toddler whom my mom looks after) when she spills a cup of water, or presses some dvd buttons.

i realised, its aint that my granny dislike me, nor we dislike QQ. its because of all the cute actions a toddler amuses us.

now that granny is closer to me. she stays at my house, met my bf, watched Xiao Niang Re/Xiang Wo Ni De Shou together, asks me to be careful when cycling..

but she leaving me soon..


Monday, January 11, 2010 @3:52 PM

i will blog soon. lol.

soonnn.. give me 2 wks' time. hahas.

Monday, November 09, 2009 @4:07 AM

i know its late, i jus feel like blogging. =)

so i didnt do tutorials last week. and i felt bad. its good, that i felt bad. hahas.

and yesterday met up w ben n sw for 'jog'. but some sch invaded our yck stadium. lol! and we decided to run at amk hill (the one jus behind amk station). after climbing the stairs.. we dun feel like running anymore.
we went to the fitness corner and did some of the napfa thinng.

sit up: 20? (1min)
incline pull up: 12. (30sec)

i wan to say, the sit up sucks, the board so hard, my spine also broke. and the leg aid thingy so high.

aww, but im sad with the results, to think that 3yrs ago...
situp: 40+++
inclined: 20++++++

aft all these, ben suggested we could climb up the tallest building in that area.
28th storey high.
n we made it.
lit surprise for the sleepy tyj. lol.

i will put up some pics soon.
nights world, got a dialogue session w the Minister of Law tml. and i duno what question to ask him.


xps, amkss, np(acc)
NCC(air), SuperKids ^^
loves friends

that's all, i guess.

+ WishList!(as at 1403)

1. Polaroid Polaroid 600 film
2. Leather Hard Casing for my HP
3. Mixer
4. the Super Super Big Lucky(green) Carebear
5. AT "button" headphones, brown


split here.


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